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Solar Photovoltaic

The energy savings for a 1kw system in Whistler

British Columbia does not have a feed-in tariff because BCs electricity is already mostly green. BC Hydro is increasing rates by 25% over the next three years bringing solar pv towards grid parity. If your home is on the grid, PV will not yield a financial return until BC reaches solar price parity. A PV system is a great way to make both a environmental statement and to reduce long-term energy costs

The biggest barier to large-scale solar in BC is the lack of any financial incentives, however with the introduction of smart net metering, grid tie solar is now possible

BC Hydro now is reviewing the highly controversial site C Dam on the Peace river to meet our future energy needs, instead of encourging clean reliable solar energy in BC. Which is further delaying grid parity in BC

Solar grid tie

Net Metering

Net metering is permitted in BC, enabling you to install PV modules on your home or business and feed that power into the grid for a payout rate of 9.99 cents kWh

What Does it Cost?

Installed solar PV in BC costs around $3 per watt, compared to $6-8 five years ago. Using the grid essentially as your battery bank, and offsetting your hydro costs. You can earn credits in the summer to offset winter costs when your PV system isn't producing as much.

Enphase micro inverters-->

Solar off grid

BCD electric is experienced with all aspects of solar off grid design. Solar is your answer for your small or large off grid projects, and for remote communication sites.

The largest use of PV modules in BC is at remote sites that have no access to grid power, including radio repeater stations, remote monitoring stations, and remote homes and cottages on the coast In coastal BC, a 1 kW solar panel will generate around 1,100 kWh a year. Many new technologies in photovoltaics are working well in our cloudy sometimes snowy mountain environment.

A site survey, and shading analysis is the first step, followed by load analysis and system design. BCD electric can help you out every step of the way.

On average, each square metre of land on Earth is exposed to enough sunlight to generate 1,700 kWh of energy every year using currently available technology. The total solar energy that reaches the Earths surface could meet our existing global energy needs 10,000 times over. For your small cabin or cottage when suplimented with heat from other sources solar is a great alternative to running the generator, and is far cleaner a choice for the environment On many remote sites solar PV can compete aggressively with BC Hydros cost of electricity today, especially if you require extensive power line construction. If you are looking at spending more than $20k on power lines, consider PV linked with other forms of renewable energy instead.

Heres an example of a nice simple off grid system 2500W, ideal for a small cabin

Hybrid system incorporates wind

Data for a 1kw system facing due south tilt angle 30 degrees


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