Home Automation/ Smart Grid integration

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  • Integrating smart technology with a smart meter will deliver savings on your Hydro bill.

    Smart Technology Home electronics consumer products and manufacturing automation are just a few examples of how technology has advanced leading to more electricity use than ever before. The electricity system that supplies the energy to power it all hasn't kept pace. For example meters the devices that measure how much electricity customers are using have not fundamentally changed since the 1950s. In fact the electro-mechanical meter is becoming obsolete and will soon no longer be manufactured. Smart Meters Smart meters are digital meters that can capture and record the amount of power that is consumed and when. Equipped with two-way communication capability smart meters are a key part of the modern electricity grid ensuring the safe reliable delivery of electricity to homes and businesses throughout the province. BC Hydro will be replacing all 1.8 million residential and commercial customers' existing meters with new smart meters. What makes a smart meter smart? Future customer tools will help you see your cost and consumption data almost immediately BCD Electric can link a Luton Radio RA2 featuring smart grid integration, dimming the lights during periods of high peak demand, shutting off accessory loads, closing the blinds to reduce excess heating or cooling.

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