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BCD Electric


Whistler's Favourite activity!

Renovation is the heart of our business, and we have 20+ years of experience doing them.

Buying a new house, or an old one can be challenging when things look 20 years old? 30 years old? 40?

Home inspectors are not electricians, and can easily miss problems

Sketchy wiring, maybe, probably. Unfortunately 1960's electrical code doesn't provide a lot of safety.

Aluminum wiring, a few areas in Whistler have some mainly down in Tapley's farm area, a few in Alpine from houses built around 1970

Smoke alarms not to code, maybe not even interconnected?

Circuit breakers have a typical life expectancy of 25 years, and may not operate correctly under fault conditions

Critters have chewed on wires, loose splices, homeowner modifications, grow ops, and additional loads placed on circuits.

BCD Electric can evaluate your current house for potential problems.

Home electrical inspections are a good idea, and can prevent problems and fires

Upgrading to current 2015 Canadian Electrical code standards offer a increased level of safety in your home

It might be time for a new service

My favorite shower in Belize


Residential and commercial electrical projects completed to the highest quality standards.

With 23 years experience, our highest priority are quality craftsmanship and attention to fine details.

Braden Douglas, principal operator of BCD Electric, is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor

Locally owned and operated

Expert troubleshooting and Advice

Lets get in touch and talk about your and our next project.

Mobile: 604-966-4519

Email: bcdelectric@gmail.com

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