Innovative Technologies

Through new emerging technologies we strive to bring you the latest in emerging electrical test equipment.

State of the art Fluke power analyzer / scopemeter / power event recorder/ IR anaysis

MegOhm meter for insulation resistance tests/ Nuheat testing

Find problems other electricians wouldn't notice until it's too late, and expensive damage occurs

BCD will analyze your current power system to insure energy efficient operation, and complete power consumption audits on your residential or commercial property

Troubleshoot modern electronic dimming equipment

Expert fishing services and scope camera

Power quality anaylisis / Power factor correction

Transient voltage problems/ Sag /swell problems

  • Harmonic frequency problems
  • Voltage and Current distortion -->

    Customized reports

    Customized reports

    State of the art Fluke Megohm meter

    Motors/ Generator windings

    Renovation existing wiring can be tested for insulation quality

    Short ccts and Ground faults

    Floor heat testing / Nuheat