Energy Audit

Power is easily wasted through inefficient building design, poor weather stripping, and inefficiencies in a electrical power system.

State of the art Fluke power analyzer / scopemeter / power event recorder provides computerized reports on malfunctioning equipment

Find problems other electricians wouldn't notice until it's too late, and expensive damage occurs

BCD will analyze your current power system to insure energy efficient operation, and complete power consumption audits on your residential or commercial property

Voltage and Current distortion Power usage Line voltage spikes, or dips Harmonics caused by electronic loads

  • The 43B caught the high limit malfunctioning on a baseboard heater wasting precious energy by cycling the heater on and off
  • This heater was identified at the service entrance as a cycling 2000W load/ The heater was quickly tracked down and fixed
  • A baseboard heater malfunction

  • The 43B caught a loose connection to a hot tub
  • A quick connect motor coupling had loosened through vibration, which then caused arcing and eventually tripped a GFCI breaker
  • A baseboard heater malfunction
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