Roof Heat Tracing / De-icing cables/ Snowmelt

Custom Heated Walkways /Stairs

Electric snow melting systems are used to keep your commercial walkways, parking garage / loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice. Not only is an electric snow melting system reliable, but it can also help avoid slip and fall accidents as well as damage to expensive flooring caused by tracked in sand, and salt.

A custom area complete with Electromelt cabling with programmable zone contols

120V and 240V fully installed systems

De-icing cables

Ice dams can form dangerous icicles and cause water ingress into buildings. The ice dams form because melting snow and ice on a roof freeze when they reach the cold roof edge. The ice forms a barrier and melted water accumulates behind this ice dam. Pooled water behind the dam may leak into the building, causing water damage, or climb over the ice-filled gutter, forming icicles.

The Solution

Raychem roof & gutter de-icing systems offer a better way to help prevent ice dams and icicles. With its self-regulating heating cable, Raychem systems provide a continuous drain path for melted ice and snow from the roof through the gutter and downspout. Versatile, reliable, energy-saving, and cost-effective, these systems are the effective answer for roof and gutter de-icing applications.

An ice dam in a valley

Well built valleys

A beefy well built valley goes a long way when there's 5ft of snow on your roof!

Preperations on a roof for a de-icing system